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Founded in 2019 by two midwest graduates of the University of Nebraska-Lincoln. Our mission is to bring a breath of fresh air to Digital Advertising for small and local businesses of all markets. We believe in creating relationships, not customers. That’s why we will walk you through our process and ensure that you understand the value of our service. 

Why the name Silicon Prairie Marketing you ask? We wanted to embody ourselves in the image of the tech industry of the Midwest. The term “Silicon Prairie” dates back to the mid 90’s when it was first used by Gateway 2000 for advertisement purposes. Over the past few decades the term has grown to become known as the Silicon Valley of the Midwest. 


"After working for a large corporation my first few years out of college I decided that culture wasn't for me. I reset my goals and mindset and decided to become my own boss. My main intent in doing this is to help smaller and local businesses compete with the large corporations. With the right tools and people in your corner, anything is possible."
Jason Paul
Owner, Silicon Prairie Marketing
"I have always had a passion to help others and a dream to create a lasting impact in my community. Starting a digital marketing firm gave me a real opportunity to achieve these goals by helping small business owners succeed. I believe in building relationships around trust and transparency, which is exactly what you will find here at Silicon Prairie Marketing."
Jordan Ackerman
Owner, Silicon Prairie Marketing